PDEC 2020 Annual Meeting Notice and Information

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are changes for this years annual meeting. Please see all the details below.

Click here to download the 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

82nd Annual Meeting

Directors Election Results

We would like to thank everyone who came out to participate in our 82nd annual meeting and Directors Elections. The election results were as follows:

District One:
Keith Jones: 753 - * Elected
Bill Johns: 225

District Two:
William "Bub" Foresythe: 314
Greg Harris: 664 - * Elected

District Three:
Noble Nelson: 263
Greg Gibson: 486 - * Elected
Joe Lane: 229

We would like to congratulate Keith Jones and Greg Gibson on their re-election as well as Greg Harris on being newly elected. We would like to recognize William "Bub" Foresythe for his years of service as a PDEC Director. Finally, we would like to congratulate Bill Johns, Noble Nelson and Joe Lane for their campaigns and recognize them for participating in the cooperative democratic process....Thank you!

Corrected Notice

2020 Annual Membership Meeting

To comply with social distancing requirements, the Cooperative has implemented changes to the traditional format of the meeting. See below for details.

Pemiscot-Dunklin Electric Cooperative will conduct its Annual Membership Meeting on July 23, 2020 at the American Legion Building in Kennett, Missouri for the following purposes:

  1. To hear reports of the Cooperative for the previous year. To comply with social distancing requirements, the Cooperative will publish these reports online beginning at 11:00 am on the Cooperative's YouTube channel and Facebook page.

  2. To elect three directors, one from each district, to serve for a term of three years. The candidates are:

    Candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee:

    Keith Jones One
    William "Bub" Foresythe Two
    Greg Gibson Three
    Noble Nelson Three

    Candidates nominated by Petition:

    Bill Johns One
    William "Bub" Foresythe Two
    Greg Harris Two
    Noble Nelson Three
    Greg Gibson Three
    Joe Lane Three

    To comply with social distancing requirements, voting will be conducted via drive-thru at the Delta Fairgrounds adjacent to the American Legion Building. See below for voting information and a map of traffic flow.

    Election results will be posted after 1:00 pm on the Cooperative's website and Facebook page.

  3. Any other business that may come before the meeting.

William "Bub" Foresythe, Secretary-Treasurer

Voting procedure for the 2020 Pemiscot-Dunklin Electric Cooperative Annual Membership Meeting

  • There will not be an indoor puplic meeting. All voting will be conducted in a drive-thru. Members will vote without leaving their vehicles. See map below for traffic flow.
  • There will be two tents set up: one for registration, one for voting. See map below for the tent locations.
  • There will be a designated campaign area for candidates and their representatives. See map below for location of the designated campaign area. Candidates and their representatives must remain at least 20 feet away from vehicles in line to vote.
American Legion Voting Map